Monthly Archives - October 2016

The Brand New Addition – Build It Up

  Hi Lovely Nima Followers! Welcome back to our world of all things Duck Egg!! Next up on our blog is our newest addition to our Artistic Collection, the ‘Build It Up’ Set.  There is a fabulously inspiring story behind our amazing Creator, Niamh Martin’s, newest product and I am dying to tell you all about it. The Build It Up Eye Set So as you know, not only is Nima Brush well known for its signature Duck Egg and Gold colour, [...]


Shiseido – The obsession is real!

Hello all ♥ hope everyone is happy and rested after a nice weekend. I thought I’d talk to you all today about my new love affair with Shiseido. Anyone that follows me or Nima brush on social media will have noticed me fall deeper and deeper in love with this brand over the summer. And why? Well because it’s simply amazing! Shiseido has always been on my radar because it was located right beside the Nars counter where I resided for [...]