The New Girls in Town

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The New Girls in Town

This June saw the launch of four brand new individual brushes into the Nima Brush Award Winning Artistic Collection. Building on the current 21 individual brushes the range already holds we have high hopes for these brand new additions. So what are they, who are they and why do you need them in your life?

Introducing The ‘Harley’…

the-harley-brushFollowing creator, Niamh Martins’ trademark naming technique, The Harley is named after Niamh’s little girl, Harley Rose, who was born this January 2016. This brush is handmade using brushed goat hair and is unbelievably soft. With its long whispy hairs it is the Creme De La Creme of face brushes. The Harley is extremely versatile and can be used for a number of uses such as powder application, contouring, bronzer and blush. A one size fits all brush.

The ‘Fuzz’…

the-fuzz-brushThe Fuzz, named after Niamh’s cousin Francoise, is a large shader brush made with extremely soft Sable hair. This brush is absolutely perfect for applying eyeshadow across the eyelid. The tip of the Fuzz brush can also be used to apply a transitioncolour into the socket of the eye and for softly smudging colour under the eye.

The ‘Donna’…

the-donnaThe Donna, named after Nima Brush’s number one PR gal, is a beautifully tapered blending brush made with brushed goat hair. Use this brush to apply shadow to the socket line of the eye and also to quickly and seamlessly diffuse out shadow for a perfectly blended finish. The Donna is the perfect blending tool every girl should have in their kit to create that perfect seamless smokey eye.

The ‘Terrie’…

the-terrieTerrie McEvoy, Nima Brush’s brand Ambassador of over a year, claims the title of this mini flat Head Kabuki brush. Created using Taklon Synthetic fibres, this brush can be used for both powder or cream/liquid products. Non porous fibres will ensure minimal wasting of product. This brush is best used for buffing out concealer under the eye or can also be used for a more precise application of foundation or contouring around the smaller areas of the face.


These four new brushes come presented with the Nima Brush signature matte duck egg handle and gold ferrule. Each name is beautifully scripted onto each brush handle and comes packaged in a resalable sleeve for protection whilst on the go.

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